What is the Most Popular Kitchen Countertop Color?

If you're looking for the most popular kitchen countertops, white or off-white countertops are on the list. You can choose granite, quartz, or marble as long as you project that color. White, black, blue and gold are the most trendy granite colors this season. This neutral and versatile palette offers limitless opportunities to play with interior design in terms of texture and color.

At Granite Selection, we have a huge selection of trendy stone colors to suit every interior. Gray, cream and other mid-tone colors are extremely popular due to their neutrality. Gray contrasts nicely with colored cabinets and kitchens with a variety of finishes. Gray can also soften the rawness of white cabinets.

It is used for mosaics, fountains, pool and wall coverings, stairs, window frames and, of course, kitchen countertops. If you're worried about creating a kitchen that's as hygienic as possible, a quartz countertop is one of the safest options. Cream-colored countertops in mottled or mottled white and other lighter-toned countertops serve to soften a space and work well in transitional and traditional design motifs. On the other hand, if you want to create more depth in your kitchen or bathroom, you can choose a bold countertop with a black base like Eternal Marquina.

Most granite countertops are full of rich, naturally formed patterns that make every kitchen and bathroom surface look unique. While pure white granite kitchen countertops are still trending, there's a movement toward veins and patterns. This is an important quality for the kitchen or bathroom, where cooking oil, sauces, wine, or makeup could spill onto the counter. When it comes to choosing colors for granite kitchen countertops, there is no shortage of combinations, from classic to modern or minimalist and eclectic.

Granite countertops with gold or white veins are really eye-catching compared to classic all-white countertops. Countertops in black, dark gray and other dark tones work well in kitchens with other dark surfaces as long as there is plenty of natural light, recessed in the ceiling, hanging, rail or other type of light. Durable and sturdy, it's ideal for those who want drastic bathroom vanities and kitchen countertops. Use it to create a contrasting kitchen island in an otherwise bright kitchen, as a dark splash guard to give the room a sleek, modern look, or as a contrast to light cabinets and furniture.

Bright custom colors for kitchen countertops such as red, light blue, turquoise and bright green are all the rage when it comes to making a statement in the contemporary kitchen. But if you're looking for something more timeless then you can't go wrong with classic granite countertops. No matter what type of popular granite kitchen countertop you choose - traditional or fashionable - you can be sure that the classic look of granite is always in fashion. We are now moving away from all-white kitchens towards those with clear countertops complemented by warmer tones of brown or gold and copper details.

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