How to Protect Kitchen Countertops from Scratches

Keeping your kitchen countertops clean is the best way to protect them from scratches. Wiping them down with a cloth regularly can help prevent damage, but it's also important to use cutting boards and avoid dragging kitchen utensils across the countertops. If your countertops already have scratches, you may still be able to remove them. An artificial concrete deck is an easy and affordable option for those who love the concrete look, but it's not exceptionally durable and may be prone to scratching and staining.

If you decide to go this route, approach it with care and reflection, as it can be more difficult than expected. Even granite countertops can suffer from kitchen wear and tear, but you can make them shine again with a little time and knowledge. After fixing them, don't forget to seal them again. If the homeowner doesn't have the budget to completely replace the countertops right away, one option is to use countertop covers.

Repairing kitchen countertops that show a history of wine spills, fallen pans and unidentified sharp objects will help maintain the value of your kitchen and home.

Curt Cuneo
Curt Cuneo

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