How do you coordinate a countertop and backsplash?

Whether you opt for printed or plain materials, choosing contrasting colors for countertops and splash tiles is another way to create powerful designs for Kitchen Remodeling in Awendaw SC. Another option when working with a quartz countertop is to use variations of the same colors throughout the kitchen. While it's important that the splash guard matches the lighting and cabinets perfectly, the most important element to consider for Kitchen Remodeling in Awendaw SC are the countertops. Countertops must be installed before the splash guard is placed (so you need to choose first) and countertop options are more limited than the options for splashes. If you choose a quartz countertop with many veins, consider selecting splash tiles that complement the grain of the countertops.

Other people prefer contrast, using a splash guard to highlight their countertops or as their own visual piece in the kitchen. When you have countertops with neutral tones or subtle patterns, you don't need to choose a splash tile that matches the color or pattern of the countertops. A marble splash guard with white countertops provides an elegant and luxurious look to enhance your kitchen. Ultimately, selecting a well-coordinated splash guard and countertop is essential to your kitchen design.

If you want to design the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams, in the initial design process, coordination between countertops and splash tiles is often overlooked. If you have a space where you have a countertop and not a splash guard, go ahead and make the 4-inch splash guard out of the countertop material. I agree with your comment that coordinating the countertop and the splash guard is essential for create a visually appealing kitchen. Even when the countertop company tells you that the 4-inch splash guard is included in the price of the countertop.

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