What color countertops go with dark cabinets?

Opt for an attractive contrast and light tones with Kitchen Countertops in Summerville SC. It's hard to go wrong when combining your dark cabinets with lighter colored countertops in Summerville SC. Whether your personal kitchen style is traditional or contemporary, the contrast of your cabinets and Kitchen Countertops in Summerville SC will work well with any of the kitchen design schemes. In addition, lighter Kitchen Countertops in Summerville SC will do a fabulous job of reflecting more light and helping to illuminate the room.

The following example combines Dark Chocolate Pear cabinets with timeless Butterfly Beige granite countertops, balancing light and dark tones very well. Compensating dark cabinets with light countertops avoids the claustrophobic feeling that an overwhelmingly dark kitchen produces. While a white kitchen is a classic, trying darker tones can not only make the kitchen feel more inviting, it also enhances the home regardless of the interior design style you prefer. Dark cabinets with dark countertops often involve painting the room a lighter color or making the countertop a slightly lighter color than the cabinet, and vice versa if you want a less changeable aspect.

While this trend may be too extreme for some, countertops with dark cabinets can add a distinctive touch to classic and traditional kitchens. We've already given you helpful tips on what countertop color looks best with white cabinets, as well as how to choose a countertop that complements gray cabinets or matches your cherry cabinets. Kitchens with dark cabinets and dark countertops require a delicate balance of tones to keep the room from looking too small or cave-like. Whether you have a modern or rustic kitchen with dark cabinets, there are plenty of color options to tie your kitchen.

While there are several color schemes that are sure to enhance the look of a kitchen with dark cabinets, you're probably wondering what shades will work best with your kitchen. Like this kitchen from Rebecca Rollins Interiors, create a two-tone kitchen with a deep green color for the lower cabinets and clean white cabinets on the top. An argument can be made for choosing the countertop first, as it tends to be one of the most expensive items in remodeling a kitchen.

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