What color countertop goes well with brown cabinets?

Refresh the scheme with crisp, bright whites When looking for the perfect countertop for a modern kitchen with dark cabinets, your ideal choice will be a bright white design, usually solid or with minimal movement. White is a safe countertop option for all dark cabinets. The lightness of the counters contrasts with the cabinets to achieve a shiny effect. White marble countertops can become another commendable option that you can combine with your dark brown cabinets in the kitchen.

They will look a little more impressive with the white marble countertop. Depending on the availability of the countertops, you may also prefer other colors to match these cabinets. Fantasy Brown quartzite countertops are a lighter brown surface that looks great when paired with dark cabinets. If you are looking for brown acrylic kitchen cabinets, you might think about having a combination of white and brown cabinets in your kitchen.

Depending on your kitchen design, you can combine your dark cabinets with light, neutral, or dark countertops. If you're looking for a gray countertop that's on the darker side but doesn't come close to black, consider Blue Eyes Granite countertops. While you can choose the countertops first, homeowners often select the cabinets they prefer before finding the best countertops and splash protectors to combine them with. If you have a kitchen with dark cabinets, you should proceed cautiously when choosing countertops.

If you want a bit of contrast, but not something as drastic as combining white countertops with dark cabinets, you can try combining beige countertops.

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