Should kitchen light fixtures match?

When choosing accessories for these coordinate areas, be sure to keep in mind that only one can be front and center in terms of size and prominence. The answer to this burning question is no. It doesn't need to match perfectly with the light fixtures in your home; however, while it's not necessary for all of the light fixtures to look exactly the same, they must share common features. It is possible to combine shape, color, materials, styles or other details in, for example, a combination of living and dining room or other open or closed spaces.

Ultimately, the answer to the question of whether kitchen and dining room lighting should match is that it depends on personal preference. However, designers suggest that the best option is to use lights that appear to be coordinated, even if they don't match completely. Work with Kitchen Magic to enjoy stress-free kitchen design with professionals who always keep the big picture in mind. If you're wondering how to choose kitchen lighting professionally, Marketa recommends starting by looking at the areas of your kitchen and thinking about the activities that will take place in each place.

Farm-style kitchens (or any other eclectic kitchen design) can safely be avant-garde when it comes to selecting accessory and hardware finishes that don't match each other.

Curt Cuneo
Curt Cuneo

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